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The Ambrosia Coalition

We warmly welcome you to The Ambrosia Coalition. We are a Second Life group, established to provide support to other groups within the Second Life community.

Originally a base for the j'Est Neb and the Emerald Syndicate Alliance, the Coalition has realised its' potential and we are reaching out to mature individuals and groups, making connections in order to push guest gaming and deliver fair play within the role playing community.

In addition to this, we pride
ourselves in our ability to develop activities that encourage fundraising to charity as well as organising guest roles for those groups within the Coalition into a full immersive game play.

The Ambrosia Coalition is where you can choose to play a pirate, mercenary, pleasure girls, entertainers and traders. From good guy to bad guy, the choices are endless, limited only by your imagination and available to all those that wish for something extra.

We believe making the role play experience feel fresh,  alternative and enjoyable to all.

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The Shadow Falls Finale

Shondra, Jan 23, 12 6:31 PM.
The light glared in Gran's eyes as she strained against the straps they had used to

hold her to a chair. The two men in black uniforms circled her and stayed far enough out of

the light she couldn't see them. She didn't have to to know who they were, spooks, narks,

the unknown, the ones they do not mention. They continued to circle her as she strained

more, she growled and hissed as one got close to her. He only laughed.
    Finally one spoke in a deep raspy voice. “You told the team from the Ucalades that

the Undine blew up the Savior, yet the only proof we have of them being here was one simple

scout ship. Explain this to me.”
    “You heard story, I tell you once already.” She hissed. “You let me go or bad

things will happen.”
    “You strapped to a steel chair, in the middle of our ship, there is no where you

can go even if you could get out.” The raspy man said.
    Gran spit at him listening to him laugh again as he walked around her. The other

man leaned slightly into the light. “Your friend was severely injured during the attack,

and your ship crippled. Who did you call to attack the Savior?”
    She smiled as she looked at the younger mans face, his blondish hair shadowing his

eyes. “I call no one, Undine blew up your ship, then they were chased off by a big black

ship, with lots of fighters.”
    “There was no evidence of any of this, tell us the truth!” The older man yelled as

he leaned in towards her.
    Suddenly Gran snapped the restraint and grabbed a hold of the older man throwing

him across the room into the younger man who had almost brought his phaser out of the

holster. They both crumpled into the corner of the room as Gran used her free hand to pry

open the other restraints. Her blood was rushing in her veins as she busted the door panel

off and crossed the wiring to open it.
    The hallway was empty and the lighting was dim enough not to bother her as she

followed the sent trail of her friend. She came around the corner just in time to be

stopped by a few soldiers with pulse rifles. They were all drawn on her, she could see the

red laser dots pointing at her heart and head.
    She smiled. “Twenty against one Yzlite, my odds are good.”
    “Stop!” A female voice yelled from behind the soldiers. “Do not fire, but keep your

eyes on her.”
    The female stepped around the armored soldiers, she was wearing a black skin tight

combat uniform and carrying a pistol at each hip, her blue eyes burned from under her flame

red hair.
    “Who are you?” Gran sneered.
    “The person who keeps saving your ass.” The female laughed. “I see the restraints

and tranquilizer they used on you were not very effective.”
    Gran nodded as she relaxed. “What do you want?”
    The female smiled. “You and your friend to come work with me. We could use a couple

of daring pilots. We have your ship and your friend already on board the Black Dawn, and we

will reach the station on the other side of the planet in moments, if you come with us.”
    “Who are you?” Gran growled again.
    “Shondra Arress Du'Kal, your new Commander.” She said with a smile as she turned

and walked down the hall.

The Shadow Falls Part 2

Shondra, Jan 18, 12 2:09 PM.
The Shadow Falls: Part 2

    The small ship rocked violently as it rocketed towards the U.S.S. Savior. The collision alarms continued to shriek as the two passengers scrambled to figure out how to stop the ship. So far the Savior hadn't noticed them, and probably saw them as an incoming asteroid.
    Gran slammed her fist into the engineering access panel. “I tell you inertia off, now you feel it ya?”
    Shue laughed as she stumbled across the small crew bay as she looked around the medical supplies. “I'm not the one who left the pile of Gak on the pilot seat.”
    “Oh yes, now you find it funny. You cry minutes ago, you did.” She said as she ripped a set of wiring out.
    The whole ship shuddered again as Shue limped over to help Gran. “You do know I twisted my ankle and may have broken my right arm?”
    “I only need your left arm.” Gran hissed as she grabbed Shue's arm and lead it to another conduit. “Hold that, don't jump.”
    A sudden shower of sparks came out of the access as Gran pressed a button on one of the control panels. It scared Shue enough she fell backwards striking her head on the medical cabinet. The ship suddenly lurched to one side as the port thrusters fired.
    Gran reached over and grabbed the now unconscious Shue up and headed back into the main cabin. She carefully set her down in the Navigation seat and took her place back in the pilots chair. “I tell you not to jump, you no listen.”
    She reached over and transferred the Navigation control to her panel along with the sensor system. Gran smiled as full power returned to the aft thrusters. Usually she would have sneered at Shue as the Orion would have  made some crack about her engineering abilities, but right now she was occupied with other things. She then punched the throttle forward and held onto the chair arms as the ship jumped forward breaking free of the asteroid, just in time too, the Savior fired out and blew up the incoming asteroid, chunks flying off and smacking the Dawn Trotter. Then Gran realized, they were in plain view of the Federation Ship, and the Savior knew it too.
    The communications panel suddenly lit up, Gran punched it trying to ignore it, but it lit up again, this time red. She shook her head, knowing better then to answer, but would rather not be blown out of the sky. She hit the com button and smiled slyly. “How can I help you?” She hissed.
    “This is the Federation Cruiser Savior, you have entered unauthorized space.” The Federation Captain said with a stern look. “Power down your engines and prepare to be brought on board, if you do not comply we will have to take actions against you and your crew.”
    Gran laughed. “I sorry, can not do that, asteroid crushed our power conversion system.”
    The Captain looked at Gran more seriously. “If you have nothing to hide, we will assist you. Then you must leave this system.”
    “Oh, nothing to hide, but I have injured crewman also.” Gran smiled as she realized that without making the Lithium theft they were still legal, she could easily trick the Federation Captain into thinking they were lost, even with an Orion on the ship, and the fact they were both prior Federation Cadets. “We have no cargo, we have only gotten lost on way to Rigel.”
    The Captain nodded as the screen went off. Suddenly Gran felt a lurch as the Cruiser's tractor beam caught them. She smiled as her ruse had worked, now all they had to do was sit back and relax.
    Then the ship stopped moving. Gran turned on her rear view to see why, and all she could see was a large swirling blue disturbance. The Savior was gone, only small debris remained. She panicked punching the panel trying to pick up anything on the sensors. Then it hit her, the Organic Ship, the magnetic asteroids throwing off the sensor systems, the strange disturbances that have been reported over the planet Acheron, it was a wormhole. They were in more danger now then when the Federation ship was here, they now had to deal with the Undine, and it looked like it could be a full armada.

The Shadow Falls

Shondra, Jan 17, 12 2:41 PM.
    A small ship, unknown to most the scanners in the area, darted in between the asteroids of the Nulls System. If they were seen the small Delta Flier Prototype would be blown from the air, and they knew it, but they also knew the ship wouldn't be seen amongst the highly magnetic asteroids, most scanning crews would blow off the blip they might see as a disturbance from the field. And the crew of the Dawn Trotter were counting on it.

    Inside the cabin a large red hand with a black fingerless glove slammed on the navigation control panel, to most the display would be frightening, the loud bang, the large claw like hand, and the muscular red arm it was attached to, but to Shueisha it was just another day. The Orion just placed her hand on Gran's right shoulder to try to calm her Yzlite pilot. Yzlite's were known for their temper, and were still getting it under control to fit into the bigger galaxy, but Gran was only known for so much.
    “It's okay Gran, they wont see us here, that inverter can wait.” Shue said with a sideways grin.
    The large female lizard growled, her armor creaking as she leaned forward to look at the control panel. “I not worry about inverter, the output on the warp is off by 1.52 kints.”
    “It's okay, no one will notice us, and can you use a measurement I might understand?”
    “You drag us out here on pirate mission, warp off by enough a scarbird could do circles round us.” She growled again before leaning back in her chair.
    Shue laughed, as conservative as Gran was and as much as she made herself look and sound like a warrior, she still had an appeal to her that Shue had loved since they were in the Academy. Gran had joined Starfleet Academy to prove that Yzlites belonged and Shue didn't want to be just another Orion Pirate. The two bonded instantly, but what had brought them together is when Gran disobeyed a direct order from a Professor and tried to kill him with a deck plate. Shue calmed the young Yzlite and they both decided to leave the Academy before they found something else they didn't desire. Now they were dodging Federation Patrols as they tried to life a shipment of Latinum to Isis Station over Acheron in the Null System.
    Gran glared at Shue for a moment then realized that her movement were being watched. “You always pick on me for my clothing, when you wear that tight combat suit, I wear my armor.”
    Shue laughed again. “Yeah that leaves your belly exposed.”
    “They not hurt me with knife, so it be okay.”
    She just sat there and smiled as Gran rubbed her belly and continued to pilot them through the Asteroids. Suddenly a proximity alarm flared from the console next to Shue.
    “They find us?” Gran snarled as Shue turned to the panel.
    “Not the Feds, this is something... different, wait what is that thing? It's registering as a life form. Coming up fast to the port.”
    Gran titled the ship on its side and ducked it through a large asteroid trying to see if the thing would pass them by, but it followed their maneuver perfectly. She then tried diving down below another asteroid before it slammed into another, and she let out a breath as she saw the ship vanish from the scanners.
    “There, idiot crash into rock, we be fine.”
    Then the Dawn Trotter lurched violently to one side as they were hit by weapons fire. Alarms blaring all around them as wiring came loose and other items skittered across the floor. One of the fake cargo boxes in the back had even broke out of the straps and slammed into the Replicator causing it to replicate multiple cups of Vulcan Tea.
    Shueisha slammed into Gran's lap, knowing she may have broke something during the strike, she tried to straighten herself to no avail. “I think we just got shot at.”
    Gran looked down at Shue and smiled a toothy grin. “No, they pushed asteroid into us, we now stuck on it, and gaining speed.”
    Shue looked up in confusion. “What do you mean stuck and gaining speed?”
    “The magnetic asteroid is stuck, we had shields down so that energy spikes were not detected.” Gran then slammed her fist on the console again. “And whatever they hit the Asteroid with, it pushing it, we gunna get seen soon by the Savior.”
    The U.S.S. Savior was a Prometheus Class Starship set in the Acheron area to look for Pirate Activity as the Isis Station was being set up for operations, they had planned to sneak around it, now it seemed they were on a collision course with it, and they were gaining speed.

Taking a sea trip with the Companions

TamzinAlexander, Jan 16, 12 6:21 PM.
On the planet of Paquin a tiny island miles away from the mainland hosts the Companion's Guild, who are happy to provide all the company and assistance that make up their practice of the 4 Enjoyments. Term time is intense for those studying and so during the holidays many return to their own planets whilst some decide to make the most of the quieter feel that takes over the place.

And so it was that a boating party was planned to explore the isles and seas around their Dakini island. Concerns were muttered about between the younger acolytes who were made nervous by the idea of choppy waves out on the 'Big Blue' between Dakini Land and its neighbour of Extropia, yet these were balanced by the excited whispers of those who wondered.. just what is out there in that space of undefined distance. Come the day the weather was fine for the brave crew who set to, setting out to begin with in a long trail of canoes to ensure everyones safety. After a while the canoes began to 'graze' on their own or in twos and threes, taking in imposing cliffs and delicate swirlings of the oceans.

There were reports of Whales and also creatures of a more mystical nature on our way over to Extropia, where the futuristic buildings soar straight from the ocean, promising capsules of intellectual pursuit high in the sky... concepts new to discover by the Companions and acolytes trained in a more traditional frame. A good time was had by all with promises of more adventures and discoveries to be made in the future. Any who were 'lost' were not lost at sea but lost to their own inspirations...

Loose To Live

TamzinAlexander, Jan 9, 12 2:42 PM.
Capt Jo drags her swollen broken leg through the dimly lit corridors of the massive ship feeling exhaustion as she finds her way to the medical bay relieved to find it mostly in an operational condition. Understanding her left leg must be amputated due to fact the bones below her knee were shattered from the impact of her crash.

Captain Jo spots an automated system in the medical bay still functional and she makes a few adjustments grabbing some bandages from a nearby table before pulling herself up and rolling onto a table. Her screams of pain echo off the walls of the derelict ship and cries are unheard.

Whilst the system engages Jo takes a drink from her hip flask as she watches the arm come close to her leg before grabbing it, she screams and passes out from the pain dropping the flask in reaction and the rum flows out.

Capt Jo comes around not knowing how long she has been unconscious as the pain in her leg is still there. She notices it hanging in the jaws of the nearby robotic arm, the remains of her damaged leg which the system successfully had removed and cauterized. She remembers the bandages she had laid out to the side earlier and spilt rum bottle lifting it up she inverted the bottle and muttered to herself "why is the rum always gone"  she then takes the bandages and slowly wraps  the cauterized stump to keep i t clean and free from infection. 
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